Andora is located in the western part of the Riviera, between the bays of Capo Mele (to the east) and Cape Mimosa (to the west), at the mouth of the river that runs through it Mèrula. Its extensive beaches are considered among the most beautiful in the Ligurian Riviera and stretching for almost 2 km in length.
Continuously since 1986, the resort boasts a Blue Flag for the excellent quality of marine waters. It is 55 km from the provincial capital Savona, 15 km from Imperia, 40 from Sanremo
and 100 from Genoa and Monaco.

A 5 min away in the province of Imperia find deer for years certificate among "The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy", The Old Town is practicable only on foot and has been preserved with its buildings, centuries old, and his cobbled streets where you will find shops of artisans and artists.
The baroque Church of St. John the Baptist offers the concave side as the image characteristic of the country